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This is where I share personal stories, reflections, and longer form essays. It’s a place for humans who care about embodying wisdom — not just understanding it. It’s the online temple where I practice word witchery in the service of awakening.

Writing is my sacred purpose work. It’s not entertainment and not a hobby. There’s an incredible amount of lived experience and life force energy invested in this offering. If you find value here, please consider subscribing, donating, and/or sharing.

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In 2022, I decided to unsubscribe from the creative slavery that enriches the barons of traditional social media. I wanted to reclaim sovereignty over my written content, so I came here. Substack is designed to support writers who offer depth and quality, and lets readers choose who and what they want to read.

Substack takes a 10 percent fee from subscription money. It delivers content straight to subscribers — no mysterious algorithm. And here I can directly see and manage the list of people who are reading my work.

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Most of what I share is available for free. So why pay for something, when you already have it for free? The reason is: Because you care about something more than money. I believe in a world where we are all financially nourished when we give our highest gifts to humanity. A paid subscription here is a vote for this reality.

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